Representative (R) District 18, Position 2Elect John Ley

Washington State Constitution
All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.


John asks “Where’s the value?” in how the government serves the people. He does so because he believes the people of the 18th Legislative District deserve a state representative with a proven track record of fighting for common sense solutions.

The John Ley Platform

It’s time for positive change in Southwest Washington. As a proven conservative leader, I’ll fight for you and your priorities.
  • State Spending
  • Transportation
  • Tax Relief
  • Law Enforcement
We need to reign in the unsustainable state spending, allowing you to keep more of your hard earned money. We need to let you be in control of the most important decisions in your life – decisions over your health, where and how you work, your children’s education.
As your Representative, I’ll fight for new bridge corridors to relieve traffic congestion and improve freight mobility, instead of supporting the resurrection of the failed Columbia River Crossing boondoggle. Instead of voting for the biggest gas tax in Washington history, I’ll work to stretch scarce transportation dollars to benefit everyone. I’ll continue to fight against Oregon’s outrageous tolling scheme to pick your pockets.
I’ll fight for comprehensive tax relief instead of supporting the largest property tax increase in state history. I oppose an income tax in Washington state. Citizens deserve a world-class education system. The quality of our children’s education has languished, providing minimal value for increased spending. I’ll work to fix this!
The “defund the police” effort has had horrible, negative consequences in our communities. Furthermore, the legislature passed laws handcuffing the ability of officers to pursue criminal suspects or pull people over for traffic citations.
We must allow our law enforcement to do their job. We must give them the tools, the training, and the manpower to protect our communities.

In this pandemic-damaged economy, it’s more important than ever to elect leaders who will keep their promises! I’ll fight to foster a better business climate for job creators to get our state working again. We need tax cuts, not tax increases! Protect your wallet, vote for John Ley; he’s the key!

Help me fight for the people and common sense solutions. I want to serve YOU in Olympia.
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