60 Seconds with John Ley • Fight for Your Right to Natural Gas: Sign I-2066 Today

June 17, 2024by John Ley0

Join John Ley as he discusses the importance of Initiative 2066 and its potential impact on your right to use natural gas for home heating, cooking, and more. Learn how recent legislation in Olympia aims to ban natural gas in new home construction and eventually eliminate its usage altogether. Find out how you can take action by signing I-2066 to repeal this ban and protect your rights. Visit Let’s Go Washington for more information and ElectJohnLey.com to support John’s campaign in Southwest Washington.

Video transcript

Hi, folks.

John Ley here.

We’re at a local community.


It’s an amazing opportunity for you to fight for natural gas, for your homes, for your business, for your home heating, for your cooking.

Sadly, elected leaders in Olympia in the late of dark of night 2 a.m. passed a law that outlawed natural gas.

Initially, it’s going to ban natural gas in new home construction, but ultimately the goal is to eliminate natural gas usage from what we already have for heating our homes, cooking our food for use in restaurants and other industries.

You today can sign I-2066 and repeal that ban on natural gas.

Thank you so much for being an informed, concerned citizen here.

We want you to defend your rights to use natural gas as a means of heating your home for your cooking.

We are pro-choice on this event.

Please go to Let’s Go Washington to get more information about the I-2066 and go to my campaign ElectJohnLey.com to learn more about my efforts to support you, the people here in Southwest Washington.

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