John & Lars: Let’s kill the tolling & light rail on the IBR

June 7, 2024by John Ley0

NY Governor kills congestion tolls in NYC. Let’s end tolls on the over-priced I-5 bridge replacement

In early June, the New York Governor ended a NYC “zone tolling” program that was going to charge drivers $15 to drive into lower Manhattan. Trucks would be paying between $24 and $36. The “goal” was to raise $1 billion a year for the subway and bus system in NYC.

Earlier the year, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek killed the Oregon “congestion pricing” per mile tolling scheme that ODOT was seeking to implement. Yet Greg Johnson and the Interstate Bridge Replacement Program still are demanding between $1.2 – $1.5 billion in tolls, to pay back money borrowed from Wall Street.

Take a listen as John and Lars discuss various aspects of tolling, of expensive light rail, of the “bridge too low”, and the failure of the project to reduce traffic congestion.

You can read the complete article: Tolling for transit dies in NYC.

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